Western decor has long included various parts of the Longhorn, from the horns to the hooves. Longhorn hides, hooves, horns, Western decor, furnishings, furniture Longhorn Horns Hides Hooves For Sale

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Raising Longhorn Cattle In the Texas Hill Country

Horns, Hides, and Hooves

Craftsmen and taxidermists have used the various parts of Longhorn Cattle to create art, Western décor, and other merchandise.

The Horns are used for wall mountings in Western décor as are the skulls. Throughout Texas history, horns have been used in the making of furniture. Other pieces of Western décor made from Longhorn Cattle Horns are: powder horns, drink coasters, as well as many other crafts and décorative pieces.

The Hides are used for rugs, clothing, vests, chaps, and other items in Western décor.

The lower leg bones with Hooves still attached are often used as chair legs and small table legs. Jewelry and buttons are also made from the bones and horns. There are many other interesting Longhorn cattle décor items that are used by craftsmen such as: leather items, bull whips and lariats, mounted tails, walking sticks made from cured bull penis, and bags made from the scrotum of the bull.

Examples of these items and more can be found at the following links. Of course, raw materials are available from Stonewall Valley Ranch.

Longhorns Head to Tail

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National Texas Longhorn Museum

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