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Raising Longhorn Cattle In the Texas Hill Country

Longhorn Bulls

When it comes to building a herd of cattle, nothing can beat a Longhorn bull as the sire of your herd. There are several reasons to consider purchasing a Longhorn bull for your cattle herd; one of the best is that they are just fun to own.

Investing in a Longhorn bull is most certainly a smart decision for the rancher building a herd of cattle. Longhorn bulls are in no way comparable to other breeds of cattle. The Longhorn bull is the real super stud in the cattle world. The Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America did a study on some of the largest Longhorn herds in the country and found that, from a total of 10,806 cows exposed to Longhorn bulls, 10,300 gave birth to calves the following year.

A Longhorn Bull along with some Longhorn cows and calves in your front pasture will catch the attention of all who pass by. They make the perfect decoration for that front pasture. When shopping for a bull, you will want to find one that actually looks like a bull. You want a Longhorn bull that is handsome, all male, and knows it. He should have a long body with long legs, with a reasonably small head and shoulders. This shape is an especially favorable trait to pass on to the calves he sires. A baby calf with a small head and long, slim, compact body gives the cow, especially for her first calf, an easier time at birth, which results in fewer losses and birthing problems and adds to the rancher's bottom line when it comes to return on investment.

In the old days of open range, the loose muscle structure of the Longhorn bull allowed him to travel greater distances over rougher terrain in search of food and water and to seek out cows during the breeding season.

Longhorn Bulls don’t necessarily have those exceptionally long and showy horns that one imagines when thinking about Longhorn cattle (Better get a Longhorn steer if that is what is important to you). The bull you want to choose to be the sire of your breeding stock has outstanding qualities other than the length of the horns; the reproductive equipment is more important. The well equipped bull is the one you want to make certain the cows in your breeding stock come through with a calf every year. A simple sperm test can be done to find out the breeding potency of any bull you may be interested in purchasing. The Stonewall Valley Ranch breeding operation has the semen of their best bulls scientifically tested and stored by Elgin Breeding Service in Elgin, Texas. A potential buyer can obtain a report from Elgin stating the abilities of the Stonewall Valley Ranch bulls to reproduce. The pedigree of these sires are also registered and on file with the Texas Longhorn Breeder’s Association of America and available for review by a potential buyer.

The Stonewall Valley Ranch Longhorn Bulls come from famous Longhorn Sires. Contact Don and Velna Jackson for more information. When it comes to talking about Longhorn cattle, they are a wonderful source of information about the best way to select your Longhorn sire.